API-Calls in Delphi2.0

To all Delphi and API-gurus:

I suddenly noticed, that the Unit in Delphi 1.0,
that covers the Api-calls, is not implemented in Delphi 2.0.

Even the things mentioned in the Documentation of Delphi 2.0!!!,
like the Filemanager-example, does not work with Delphi2.0,
because the Unit fmxutils.pas does not work.

Even the very good API-Help file of Version 1.0 is replaced
by one, where you have to know about C-type strings etc., to
handle some parameters over to an API-Call.
I bought Delphi, because I do not know to do so, otherwise
I would have bought C++.

Does anybody know, how you can start a Programm or open another
File from Delphi ??? In Delphi 1.0, I would have used
a simpe ShellExecute-Call, but now.

And how could I extract an Icon from a file, before Delphi2.0,
I would have used ExtractIcon and DrawIcon-calls.

Or is there a simple way to make those Calls directly, because the
help file even does not tell you the DLL-File, that contains
the Function.

Please write to: SCHMI...@magnet.at