Are these bugs?

Hello world

I've had this problem with the beta release, the DeleteFile() function
does not wan't to accept a ShortString as an argument unlike functions
similar to it, it complains about type mismatch between PChar and
ShortString?  Help!

I transfered a file over from Delphi 1 to 2 and now each time I load
the project I get a 'Error in symbol file'- or something like that, an
no form as default (just nothing in front of me), but I can select it from
the form list... the program compiles and runs perfectly otherwise.

I created a bitmap for an ownerdraw-listbox, works fine, but I can't
seem to get a color to be transparent... how?

I run a program and get a 'I/O error 32', where can I look in the help
to find out what this means?

Wow, finished, all these problems, and all in the first week of me using
Delphi 2.

Thanks in advance to whoever helps me...
(By the way, where are the serial numbers for Delphi 2?)

-Larry Nezar (