Delphi, Java programmers to join growing team

CycleLogic has immediate openings for Delphi and Java Developers of all
levels from beginning interns, developers with intermediate experience,
and advanced experts.  The company specializes in developing software
applications for international markets, is venture funded, and employs a
development philosophy where programming is well supported by management
objectives and vice-versa.

CycleLogic is a member of the Borland Connections program and maintains
excellent relations with Borland corporate as well as noted independant
experts in the Delphi arena. Its development efforts are now fully focused
on 32 bit client/server applications, opportunities in the internet,
telecommunications, and personal service software.   5F Venture Capital is
a leading VC firm in the emerging Java markets and maintains strategic
relations with Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Netscape, Apple, and other
important technologu leaders.

Located in Miami Florida, the CycleLogic is funded by 5F Venture Capital.
The firm provides an active management role combined with in-depth market
opportunity and partnership analysis for each of its investment packages.
5F Venture Capital shares with the companies that it funds its experience
in successful competitive strategies for new product development,
distribution, growth, and business operations management.

Please send a cover letter and resume to the following addresses:

Fax      305-371-5659

Direct response only please! Do not post replies to this newsgroup.

Contact:  Jorge Rincon
Operations Manager
5F Venture Capital