Need help with BDE/Delphi3/installshield express

I updated an application written in Delphi3 and built an install set using the
installshield express from the CD.

Problem appears to be that the application does not build its BDE
configuration properly upon install on a clean machine.  I can not drill down
(double click) into the database from BDE Administrator database tab on the
target machine.  I get 'driver not known to system'.  I can do this on the
development machine.

When the application runs it does not get a database connection established
and returns the same error as BDE administrator.

In the Driver tab of the BDE administrator the version tag indicates 1.0 on
the target machine but 3.0 on the development machine and the number of data
items in the configuration for the database and the ODBC driver for the
object are different (there being more items on the development side).

Does anyone have any ideas about how I fix the BDE configuration for the
install on my target machine?

Thanks for any assistance provided

Terry Newton

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