TDBGrid/TQuery showing blank records

   I am using Delphi4 and using DBGrids on 2 different forms which are connected to 1 BDE TQuery. On the original form everything works and shows up ok. On the second form the identical DBGrid (based on the same TQuery) shows 2 blank records at the end of the grid (which are not clickable) and the first 2 records are missing. I'm not sure if this is a grid problem or a BDE problem so I am going to post in both areas.
   If I put a button on the form that does a .first and then a .locate back to the selected record the the grid/dataset seem to reset correctly, but if I put that same code at the end of an Activate event it doesn't change a thing and the grid is still showing the 'blanks'.
    Does anyone have any ideas/advice? Is this something that may be fixed in Delphi 6 by any chance? Thank you.