Please help, line breaks in widestring must go!

I'm writing an FTP Client and when I add server responses to my log window
(RichEdit1) I need to be able to filter out line breaks sent by the server.

Here is an example of the code:

{FTP Reply Constants}
If Copy(Reply, 1, 3) = '220' then {Initial Message}
Richedit1.SelAttributes.Color := StrToInt(Form3.RemoteMessageColor);
Richedit1.SelText :=  Reply + CRLF;

As you can see, I'm adding my own line breaks. I know there are other ways
to do this but I'm set on this.

I need a way to add the string "Reply" but filter out any line breaks.
If I have a line break and then add crlf, I have two! But I need to add my
own crlf's for local messages and such.

I know it's unconventional to use Seltext to add text to the RichEdit,
please don't ask me why I'm doing it.
I know I can use Cases as well. ;)

Any help is VERY much appreciated and it all possible, please reply to

Paul Swonger.