Delphi Help Wanted: sweat equity, part time


I would like to find persons interested in something of a sweat equity partnership
in a too-large-for-just-me-even-though-its-Delphi project.  The work is currently
in progress, and the schedual puts the completion data out about 12-16 months from
now, depending on how things go.  Since there are many tasks to perform when
bringing a product to market, strong Delphi skills, although they are a plus, are
not a requirement.  I work at this part time, as I use a 7am to 5pm job to pay the
bills (don't quit that day job...).  I believe there is money in it, or I wouldn't
be doing it.  Please send me an Email for further info.  Thank you.

Mark Shorey
Moonlight Software

Compuserve: 102605,3054