BDE Leaves Table Intent Lock in SQL 6.5, Patch 4

Is this a bug or a feature?

I have a D3/CS program (BDE4.51 and 5.0) that access a SQL 6.5 server, patch
4. The table I'm querying has a memo field in it. It appears that if I open
the table via TQuery (Requestlive=true), and simply read the memo field,

Query1.sql.add('select * from MYTABLE');

 a table intent lock is left on the table, even after closing the cursor.
The intent lock stays on the table until the connection is dropped. This
lingering intent lock prevents anyone else from getting an exclusive lock on
the table while the app is still connected.

Here is the weird part: The problem cannot be recreated on a SQL server w/o
services patches. This implies that BDE 4.51 leaves a lock on the table ONLY
if  service patch 4 is applied ?????

The lock is not left on the table if the same test is run w/

Has anyone seen this behavior??????

Thanks in advance.