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switching PCs, forms now a disaster?

Since I started developing with Delphi 1, I've switched PCs maybe 10 times.
Each time I switch, I just re-install Delphi on the new PC, copy my project
directories over, and I'm ready to go.

Yesterday I got a new PC, and did the usual procedure. However, now when I
open any project, almost all of the forms are larger and the controls have
been enlarged; forms that were designed 640x480 are usually about 20%

I tried copying the DELPHI directories over to the new PC so that the
installs would be exactly the same, but that didn't help. Both PCs have
800x600 screens.

Any ideas?


Re:switching PCs, forms now a disaster?

Hi James,

This is beyond the scope of the install newsgroup.  This newsgroup is for
getting Delphi up and running.  Try running under Safe Mode if in Win95 or run
under VGA mode in WinNT4.  If this works then it is a conflict with your video

James J. Kim
Inprise Developer Support

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