PIPARTI (ReportBuilder) - Adding RunTime Data to a User report


While evaluating piparti pro (and shazam and ...) i tried to add fields
to a piparti report in the end user demo (something like adding the name
of my company without letting the user remove it from the report in the
designer) but i got an ExternalError exception.

I did the following:

          lHeaderBand := lReport.GetBand(btHeader, 0);
          lLabel := ppCtrls.TppLabel.Create(Self);
          lLabel.Band := lHeaderBand;
          lLabel.Caption := 'My Company Name';
          lLabel.Top := 0.5;
          lLabel.Left := 0.5;

          lReport.Print; {going to preview mode}

Then after previewing the report (with the added label in it) i press
the close button to finish viewing the report - then the line:


executes and i get an EExternalError exception (and Access Violation).

What's the best way to add those labels (or other data) at runtime to a
user defined report ?

Please Email me to maa...@commit.co.il

Thanks and Goodbye,