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Please recommend FAX Component - !

Hi - I need the *BEST* fax component available for Delphi (price is not important).

Preferably a Component rather than a .VBX


David Smith  (


Re:Please recommend FAX Component - !

>Hi - I need the *BEST* fax component available for Delphi (price is not important).


The best faxing tool available is a product called FaxMan from Data
Techniques, Inc. (DTI). FaxMan gives your application full control
over the faxing process, including up-to-the-second notifications
during send and receive. It also includes a built-in fax log, the
ability to automatically generate cover pages (filled in with the data
you specify), the ability to create banners at the top of each page
(customized, of course), the ability to string multiple multi-page
images together into one fax job, and a much, much more. And oh, yes,
it also has a print driver which creates directly faxable files (no
need to convert the output of the print driver before faxing). FaxMan
works with Class 1, Class 2, and Class 2.0 faxmodems (that's about 99%
of the installed base).

>Preferably a Component rather than a .VBX

FaxMan includes a DLL, VBX, and OCX interface, so you can use it from
the widest variety of development environments. We don't currently
ship a Delph component, but the new version of Delphi will directly
support our FaxMan OCX.

For more information, contact our web site at Or
call one of the numbers listed below.


You can reach DTI at:

Data Techniques, Inc. (DTI)
300 Pensacola Rd.
Burnsville, NC 28714
800-955-8015 or 704-682-4111
Fax: 704-682-0025
BBS: 704-682-4356

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