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Windows XP-Pro/MS-ACCESS/Delphi 5E TADOConnection

This thread should help. See the last message by Brian Bushay.


Bruno Lovatti
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Re:Windows XP-Pro/MS-ACCESS/Delphi 5E TADOConnection

>"The test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider.
>Cannot start your application.The workgroup information file is missing or
>exclusively by another user".

Does your database have a Database password?
If so you need to set the "Jet OLEDB:Database Password" property
If not you need to set the location of the .mdw file you are using for user
level security  with the "Jet OLEDB:System database" property
Brian Bushay (TeamB)

Re:Windows XP-Pro/MS-ACCESS/Delphi 5E TADOConnection

>There appears to be somethings corrupted in the program running under wXP
>Pro. I tried a simple new project under wXP and it works fine. Because I am
>using WinXP that has MDAC 2.7 and all my JRO*.TLB and ADO*.tlb were from
>Windows 98SE copied over. Is there a way I can have the new units for these
>? I inherited this project from a Windows 98SE.

Do you have Jro tlb file in your project directory or any unit other than your
project files? If you have delete them.  re-import the Jro type library and do a
build all.
Brian Bushay (TeamB)

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