Paradox Timestamp format: how to decode

If you are using Delphi, read the Paradox Timestamp field as a
TDateTimeField. Otherwise, it is a Float field where the integer portion
is the number of days since Jan 1, 0001 and the fractional part is the
time -- expressed as a proportion of the day. For example, 6:00 PM would
be .75 since it is 3/4 of the day past midnight.
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Mike E. Fullerton wrote:

> PDox 5.0
> BP 7.0, Delphi

> I need to use a Paradox Timestamp field in a Pascal application.  I
> tried reading it from the PDox table into an integer and then
> unpacking it with the UnpackTime function.  The date I get though is
> always 00/00/1980.  How can I properly decode this timestamp?
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