D3/D4: TBitmap.SaveToFile bug?

Hello all,

in my app i create a timage and want so save it to a file.

With 1,4 or 8 bit color there are no problems.
But, with 24 bit color, the saved file is corrupt.
It's rotated 27 pixels to the right and with wrong colors.

In the first view the bmp-fileheader in the saved file looks normal.
But i found, that there are 20 colors stored in the rgb-table and
the pointer to the bitmapdata points to the start of the rgb-table and
not to the start of bitmapdata.

I edited the pointer with an hexeditor and... it look fine.

This behavior apears with Delphi3 and 4!

So, what's going wrong? (is this a bug or a feature?)

Is there a bugfix for this?
I don't want to use a hexeditor to view my 24 bit bitmaps.

Best regards
 Tosten Cohnen