Passing strings to an

 > Hi, I'm trying to write a replacement for the readln command in tp(dos)
 > with better operation. It works in function form when the headers are...
 > function getstring(x,y,length: integer): string;
 > and will work with fixed-length strings, chars and open strings. However
 > when I tried to write it as a procedure for ease of use it only allows
 > me to pass open strings or whatever sort of string I've declared in its
 > parameters like such procedure getstring(var st: string; x,y,length);
 > only allows me to pass open strings. I would eventually like to get it
 > to work exactly like readln; in that in can accept any sort of string or
 > char. Is this possible?

Look up the {$P} and {$V} compiler directives.

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