D4 Standard Problems Install Indy Version 9

a D4 Standard user need the syncobjs.pas unit to install an work with
version 8 of indy.
the installation works fine and the components a very fine.

If tried a lot of time to install Version 9 but it is nit possible to
install a indy version 9.
i have seen a lot of tips to do that, but all this tips dont work.

if seen, that in idglobal is a new class named TlocalLevent. Is that the

now if i have bind syncobj to the package. but the message is as followed:

"error: there is a syncobjs in vcl40" and i think, there for it is not
possible to bind syncobjs in indy version 9 and work with indy version 9.

My question is.

1. has anyone install version 9 with D4 STANDARD!?

2. to the indy crew: is installation of d4 standard tested?

indy is a very nice programm and i will need the new version. Excuse my bad

Thanks in advance

Gerd V.