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ACCESS "Access"


I can create an alias with the BDE Administrator and then connect to an
ACCESS database with a TDatabase but I haven't figured out how to create an
alias on the fly.

Here's my TDatabase setup:

DatabaseName: TestData
DriverName: Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
Params: DATABASE NAME=D:\ProgramsRea\Manhatten\Data\Land\Testlog.mdb

When I try to open the TDatabase, I get the following error:

  "Invalid Configuration Parameter"

Any ideas??



Re:ACCESS "Access"

To create an alias use TSession.AddAlias.  I do not understand how
this relates to the error you are getting. Can you explain in more


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Re:ACCESS "Access"

>Here's my TDatabase setup:

>DatabaseName: TestData
>DriverName: Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
>Params: DATABASE NAME=D:\ProgramsRea\Manhatten\Data\Land\Testlog.mdb

>When I try to open the TDatabase, I get the following error:

DriverName should be MSACCESS

You probably want to set a UserName paramater too.

Brian Bushay (TeamB)

Re:ACCESS "Access"

Bill and Brian,

Thanks for the suggestions. I discovered the problem... me, of course!!

I inadvertantly selected ODBC for the driver rather than the MSACCESS
SQL link.

Go figure!

Thanks again,

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