dBase, Paradox, FoxPro, Interbase?

Paradox is probably your best choice overall, with one caveat...

Because of the way Paradox locks tables, it can be a pain if your users are
accessing your app from different servers. The PDOXUSRS.NET locking file has
to be mapped the same way for all users. If your network maps drives for you
at logon, you'll have to be careful to point all users to the same mapping
of the NET file or you will have big trouble. dBase tables don't have this
restriction, but you give up a lot of the nifties in the Paradox format by
"downgrading" to dBase.

If all of your users on are the same server, then you shouldn't have any

Matt Smith wrote in message <3433D17E.5A571...@acgivr.com>...
>I need to select a database to use for building a Win95 application
>built in Delphi.  This app will be both single-user and multi-user.  It
>needs to be very easy to maintain--the end user is lucky to understand
>Windows, let alone database management.  It also needs to be low on
>resource usage if possible.  I am quite familiar with the high end SQL
>Databases like Oracle, Sybase, and Informix but I know that these are
>not an option (price, maintainence, resource intensive, etc.).  I know
>there are a lot of opinions out there but can someone please tell me the
>pros and cons of each of the desktop databases (including Interbase) to
>help me make this decision.  Or at least point me to a discussion group
>where this issue is debated.  Thanks in advance.