Q: Accessing a cd-writer directly through delphi (also: direct access of a SCSI device)

I'm using an HP cd-writer 4020, and would like to write some piece of code
to directly use this device with windows.

What are the windows API I need, and how do I have to use them :
1. What is the name of the device for the CreateFile API (under NT, it
seems to be \\.\D:, but what is it under Win95)
2. I have downloaded the documentation relative to the SCSI command from
HP. This is well and fine, but how do I send theses commands and parameters
to the device (I guess I have to use DeviceIOControl, but what are the
parameters, especialle for dwIoControlCode).
3. I downloaded a cd-writing application for Linux and tried to translate
it for Windows. I quite do not understand the relation between the source
files (on my hard disk) and the tracks I have to write to the cd.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)