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 In> Hello again! I have yet another question. I guess if you look at my
 In> posts and stuff, some of them seem to point to that I am creating a
 In> game. Yes I am. A {*word*99}py game, but a game nonetheless. Here is my next
 In> question. I have a record called MnstRec. I want to make it an array
 In> of  0..64 of MnstRec. I cannot do that cause the structure is too big.
 In> I  need to put the records into a file. SO what i tried to do is whip a
 In> {*word*249}y monster editor in which i could easily just put in the monster's
 In> stats, and go to the next monster. But i already told you the problem.
 In> Anyone have a solution? Thanks again for any help/psudeo-code i get.

Break the MnstRec into two separate records. Then you can deal with each
monster one part at a time, swapping the records into and out of memory as
you need them. You'll have to declare the records as pointers to the record
structures to lower your data size if you haven't already.

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