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Beta testers wanted-Containers Lib.

InterMind Software, Inc. is looking for pascal programmers
interested in beta testing the Containers Library v1.0.  For
more information on how to become a beta tester, please contact
InterMind Software at one of the addresses below.  Programmers
of all levels of expertise will be considered.

Additional information is included in the attached news release.


interMind software news release

                                            For Immediate Release
                                                January 2nd, 1996

InterMind Software Releases Beta Version of
Containers Library v1.0, an Object-Oriented
System of Multiple, Reusable Data Structures

release of the beta version of Containers Library v1.0, an
object-oriented system for providing a consistent interface
to multiple, reusable data structures.  The Containers Library
frees the programmer from the tedium of recoding the same data
structures over and over again, by giving the programmer a set
of easy to use, reusable data structures that share a common
interface.  The interface used is very similar to that of
TCollection, so programmers who are used to working with this
object can immediately start using the objects in the Containers
Library within their applications.  Singly and doubly-linked
lists, huge collections, huge arrays, tables, stacks, queues and
binary search trees are included.  B and B+ trees will be
included in a future release of the beta version.

Comprehensive on-line documentation has been included in this
release of the library, in Borland Help File (TPH) and Windows
Help File (HLP) formats.

Containers Library can be used with Turbo Pascal 6.0, Borland/
TurboPascal 7.0, Borland/Turbo Pascal for Windows and Delphi
(a native library for Delphi is planned soon).

The beta version of the library will be made available by FTP
and e-mail to a limited number of beta testers.  For more
information on how to become an InterMind beta tester, please
send an e-mail message to or visit
InterMind's home page at
and fill the beta tester application form.

InterMind Software, Inc. markets programming libraries and
utilities and provides custom software solutions for DOS (real
and protected mode), Windows and OS/2 environments.


For more information, please contact InterMind Software, Inc. at or write to

     InterMind Software, Inc.
     P.O. Box 8483
     Moscow, Idaho 83843

InterMind and Containers Library are trademarks of InterMind
Software, Inc.


Re:Beta testers wanted-Containers Lib.

Good Day

     My name is Travis Hickman, I am 26 and live in Colorado.
I am good working knowledge of Pascal,  and enjoy programing.  
I have to say that I have not been programing for that long.  
However I want to learn more, and I will take any opportunity I
can get.


I really want to learn more about programing.  If possible I
would like to setup a win-win situation.

To conclude I would like to say that I am
Hard working,
have Drive,
and will do you a good job.

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