Bad bad {*word*194} SQL

I am using Delphi 3 and BDE 5.01.  I am attempting to access an Oracle 8
table called "ANDY.TERMINDX" via the ODBC driver that came with the
Oracle Net80 client.  The table has 77 rows of 30 bytes.  When I execute
a TTable.Open in Delphi using default database params, the table is
reported as being empty.  I traced the SQL submitted as follows:


The field names are correct, but the table name is wrong  The ADJUST
table does exist but there is no reference anywhere in my code or in the
BDE config to it.  Now, if I go into the BDE config and change the MAX
ROWS param for the Oracle ODBC driver from -1 (default) to 100 the table
opens full of data.  This time the SQL submitted was:


Why does the value of MAX ROWS cause the BDE to generate completely
different (and wrong) SQL code?  Is this a fault with the BDE or the
ODBC driver?  Would this problem be fixed by using SQL Links with a
native Oracle driver?