IBX's Batch input and output witch handles VARCHAR and BLOB fields

TIBOutputRawFile and TIBInputRawFile can't handle VARCHAR fields correctly.
Also BLOB fields's data isn't included on the output file, just the BLOB ID.
This makes this components almost unusable for real data transfer unless you
don't use VARCHAR fields on your applications and / or don't want transfer
BLOB data.

VARCHAR fields are always transfered with 2 bytes less than they have
because XSQLVAR.sqllen helds the field length without counting the field's
actual length word witch is at the begining of the field contents
(XSQLVAR.sqldata^). Then the solution is to add the length word when the
field is written and readed to and from the file.

To transfer BLOB data, instead of writting BLOB ID (what is held on
XSQLVAR.sqldata^) just get the read data from the source field
LoadFromStream) then write length (resulting stream's Size property) and
write actual BLOB data to output file.

Because I need flat file transfer capabilities on a new project I wrote
TLSIBOutputRawFile and TLSIBInputRawFile witch exports and imports to and
from raw file as TIBOutputRawFile and TIBInputRawFile do but with VARCHAR
and BLOB support.

You can download from:

Sergio Samayoa
Lgica Software