ANN: New MULTILIZER VCL Edition 4.2 -- Multilingual software in Delphi 5 and much more

9/24/99: MULTILIZER VCL Edition 4.2 available for download
Global Localization of software in Delphi 1,2,3,4,5 & C++Builder

Innoview Data Technologies today announced the availability
of MULTILIZER VCL Edition 4.2, the market-leading Global
Localization tool for all any Delphi and C++Builder environment.
It is fully compatible with Delphi 5 and available for downloading

MULTILIZER VCL Edition 4.2 is based on the unique
MULTILIZER Dictionary-Translator Architecture. Its scalability
and flexibility bring unique benefits, making MULTILIZER
suitable for the most demanding software internationalization projects.

The following summarizes the recent improvements in
MULTILIZER. Many of these features are unique to MULTILIZER.
To see how MULTILIZER compares with other tools check:


In addition to speeding up the development of multilingual software
in any Delphi environment, MULTILIZER provides a uniform
internationalization solution for a broad range of other RAD environments.

- Use the same technology in any Delphi, C++Builder, Visual Basic,
  JBuilder and other Java compatible environments.
- Easily share and reuse your work in different RADs
- Shorten the learning curve: once you know MULTILIZER in one
  environment, you know how to use it in the rest.
- Efficiently maintain translations in Unicode
  files, ANSI textfiles, binary files, databases or on the Internet.


While developers add better internationalization support to the
software with Language Manager utility Wizards and software
components, translators easily complete translations with
Language Manager:

- Efficiently share the work between developers and translators.
- No need to do translations inside the programming environment
   -- your project source is kept safe.
- Use the same tool for translating Delphi, C++Builder, Visual Basic
  and Java projects -- no need to spend time learning new tools for
  every new RAD.
- Achieve better quality and consistency by efficiently using
  glossaries through the workgroup.
- Reuse localized resources across forms, applications, projects
  or other development tools.
- Ensure quality with context-sensitive translations
- See the context of translations visually or in program parts


- Easily make your new and existing software multilingual.
- Maintain one project source -- create dynamic multilingual
  software that lets you switch the active language on run-time.
- Western, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern language support.
- Co-work with other 3rd-party vendors ensures the best
  possible internationalization quality for your software.
- Use pre-defined translations project-wide and workgroup-wide
  for better consistency and quality of the translated software.

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Erik Lindberg
Innoview Data Technologies

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InnoView Data Technologies LTD is specialized in developing
highly cost-effective software tools for global localization. The
company was established in 1992 and the first commercially
available localization solution was published in 1995. Innoview's
MULTILIZER is the first universal solution for localizing software to
all major character sets (European, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern
languages, meaning to all major national languages), to all major
target platforms (Windows, Unix, Macintosh,...) and in multiple RAD
and programming environments (Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder,
Visual Cafe, Visual Basic).