Interbase SQL SuperServer or MS SQL Server 7.0?

I am going to make c/s application with use of large amount of data
(cca.195GB made of 300 (days) x 650MB, which are made of 1% of searchable
data and 99% of images). All 650MB (daily) are in one whole .DB (paradox
table) where searchable part are normal fields and images are BLOB (.MB)
part of table. Every day have to import all 650MB (Paradox table) in main
Database and enable search on entire Database.

Is better use of MS SQL Server 7.0 (with BDE SQL links or ADO, and if
support of importing .DB tables) or maybe Interbase SQL S.Server 5.5?

Decision have to be objective and fast.
Support for importing Paradox tables, easy end-user db management and
perfomance are MUST!

If someone more experienced on MS SQL Server can halp me with some advice
relied on discussion above?