Registry / Windows


How can I write and read something to/from the registry (Win9x and NT)
with Borland Pascal 7 (BP7)?
RegOpenKey doesnt seem to be the choice? How can I use RegOpenKey, I
dont know how do define a HKEY variable. Does anybody have a short
I looked for something in the internet, but I only found examples
regarding the registry for Delphi.

Is there a simple possibility to add an entry to the Start-menu of

How can I create a directory with long filenames (FAT32) (not very
important, only for completeness)? Copying files with long filenames
is no problem, I need a replacement for MkDir.

Id like to write an install program for my Visual Basic 4 program
(because the VB install progs are big or expensive). And I dont want
the user to need a special DLL, so I write it in Pascal. Its nearly
finished, only the UnInstall entry in the registry and the entry in
the Start menu is still missing.

See ya,
(from Germany)