ReportSMith And Databases Part II

In article <> (SAMSoftware Creation, Inc.) writes:

> How can you make ReportSmith look at one specific record for
> I have a application that users will be using and in this application, they  
>can pull up any record and look at all fields pertaining to the record.  
>Fields are CustNo, CaseNumber, PolicyNumber, ect..  I want whatever record is
>highlighted at the time to be the on ReportSmith keys on.  When the user
>clicks on the print button, ReportSmith prints that record which is showing.  
>Is this possible and if so, can someone be kind enough to supply an example of

Two possible solutions.
1) Pass the Key to RS and have it print just that record.

2) From your application, Write all the records out to a specific file.  Have
RS print that entire file of one record.

Hope this helps.

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