looking for article in The Delphi Magazine (UK)

I am pretty new to delphi, and looking to use it for serving some databases on
the web.  I have looked around for tutorials, but haven't had any much luck in
finding any that relate to web stuff ..
Although in the Dec 99 issue of "The Delphi Magazine" there is an article by
Steve Troxell which is summarized as .. "easily create database-driven websites.
Steve Troxell concludes his two-part article on data-aware HTML controls: a neat
and easy way to generate web pages with content driven from databases, using
markup codes in HTML pages, so website designers with no programming or database
skills can"

I have looked around my local newsagents, but not been able to find this mag in
Australia.  Can someone please post this article, and the first part of it would
be great also ...  or just email it to me at  t...@relax.com.au  (remove the
first e)