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Password issue in ADO & MS Access2000 Database


> Your advise is not correct.  First Database password is not the same as
> Password.  Usename and Password correspond to the user level security you
put on
> an Access database,  database password corresponds to the option
> |Tools|Database|Set database password'

Yes, I know this. When I read the original posing from Faisal, I reached the
conclusion that he is trying to connect to an Access database with a
database password and not one which has user level security. I based my
deduction on the following quote -

>>Normally my Delphi5 with Ms access2000 database(ela.mdb) connects
>>by ADOconnection. BUT, if I set "Password" from Access (by opening it as
>>exclusive method!), my ADO denies to connect it!!

I'm not an expert in Access security, but isn't it the database password
that requires the database to be opened in exclusive mode, while user level
security is set with the workgroup admin utility?

> Second you can include the password in your connection string if you check
> "Allow saving Password" in the connection dialog box.

I tried this and it didn't work for me. I'm using Win98, D5 Pro SP 1, ADO
Express SP1 and DMAC 2.5. However I was in a hurry at the time and I may
have missed something :-) I'll give it another try when I have more time.

Thanks for your comments,
Graham Plain
Prism Comms.


Re:Password issue in ADO & MS Access2000 Database

>Just tell me some thing...(this might be stupid) when i set Password & User
>name in ADO "All" page, does it saves in the connection? or inside the
>Database (*.mdb) itself?

Nothing is saved in the database.  The password is saved as part of the
connection string only if you have the "Allow saving password" checkbox checked
Brian Bushay (TeamB)

Re:Password issue in ADO & MS Access2000 Database

>Ok...tell me when yo set password in MSAccess... how do you set an username
>for that?
>because in access... Tools|Security|Set Database password... gives you a
>chance to set only Password.

User names are for user level security
Tools|Security|Set Database is for setting the database password.  
Brian Bushay (TeamB)
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