Locking problem woth MsAccess 97, Delphi5.01 and BDE 5.11

I have 2 applications who log information into the same MsAccess97 database
(30 tables). The size of the mdb file is about 40 MB.

Besides a lot of configuration files I have 2 tables that constantly grow in
Application A logs information into table A and reads table B.
Application B reads table A (opened readonly) and logs into table B.

Sometimes application A can't insert records in table A anymore. The reason
is that application B locks table A.
BUT application B opens table A readonly. (error message in dutch:
"Bijwerken is niet mogelijk. Het object wordt momenteel gebruikt door de
gebruiker admin op H5WINCC en is vergrendeld. Table"). When I close
applcication B, application A continues with logging.

What could be the problem?
- Size of mdb file is too big?
- Bug in BDE or Access with locking records (is there page or record locking
in MsAccess)
- Is there a difference between Insert and Append with MsAccess?

I use Delphi5.01 with BDE 5.11.

Thanks in advance,
Philippe Requil