Microsoft Access, Replication IDs and Delphi 4 (BDE 5.01)

Reposted.  C'mon guys.. someone must know if this is doable.

I've trawled the FAQs and searched the web - can someone tell me if I am
wasting my time......

I have an Access Database that has Replication ID's all over it (it is
replicated see...).

These are used as the links between master/detail tables. (it was designed
to be replicated .. gasp!)

I cannot make Delph handle these master/dertil links correctly (the detail
dataset is always empty). Even trying to display the master ID in a DBEdit
If I ignore them completely the system limps along - but I need to get at
them to display master/detail forms.

Is this a known limitation? Is there a workaround for it?