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Making a GUI with BP 7.0

I have BP 7.0, which has a Windows compiler. Although it is not Delphi,
I bet it could make a simple GUI (Windows-type screen.)

My project is a DOS BP application which I've converted to Windows BP.
Although it does the correct computations, it looks and acts a bit klunky.
I want to make a menu for the user to fill in (with file names and
various other parameters); and then have the program execute. Presently,
the program asks the user for these parameters line by line, in an
almost "teletype" mode.

Can you recommend books (perhaps out of print) that contain
examples of a more modern interface? I guess the Turbovision
feature will do it, but I find the Borland manuals to be overwhelming.
Thanks a lot.


Re:Making a GUI with BP 7.0

There are basicly two ways for making a GUI under Windows on your own :

- writing it from scratch with drawing functions, will still look klunky and
  take days to complete, not recommended. Turbovision will look klunky too,
  it's unsupported, and the use, is, er... not that evident.
- accessing the windows API directly (see MS "Platform SDK" files), will look
  better but if you were scared by Borland manuals, this is no solution.

You should *really* go for Delphi unless you have too much free time to lose
on an interface that will still be sub-par. If you're just converting from
BP7, you can probably go with the cheap "standard" version.

Eric Grange

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