HELP - Register ODBC Drivers in Windows

Can someone please tell me what I need to do to register the ODBC
drivers inside Windows 95, please!  I wish to register the Delphi (or
Paradox?), Interbase, and any other ODBC files that come with Delphi and
the BDE (Borland Database Engine).  If you look at the 32-bit ODBC stuff
under the Control Panel in Windows 95 you dont see any Delphi drivers,
however after you install Microsoft Access you see the Access drivers in
the 32-bit ODBC Control Panel...

I have tried reading the manuals, but it does not explain it in any
terms that I can understand or follow.  So I would appreciate it if you
could give me a thurough explanation, please.

Also, could you respond directly to my e-mail, please.

Thank you very much.

Cameron Ninham

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