PIF Path

My current problem is that I have a page where I load up
various files from various directories, and then use them
in a dos program which I run via a PIF file to run a BAT

The problem is after loading up the source files to use,
the default directory (where it looks for PIF) is set to
one (not always the last) directory I sourced from, and
not the directory the Delphi and Dos executable are in.
Also this default path means the PIF looks in the wrong
place for the BAT.

What I need to know is how to reset the default directory
so that it always looks in the same place for the PIF and
BAT file. (at the moment I use ..\DosProg.PIF in the PIF,
and cd .. at the start of the Bat. Not good methods, and
it's become quirky, as you would expect).


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