(DELPI) - Palette Controls in my bitmaps!

Help!  I'm designing some automated tests for my work, and I've come across
a little problem.  It seems Delphi (or rather windows) automatically uses the
palette of the latest image its drawing.  I'd like to use a photograph quality
scan for the main image (inside of a{*word*19}pit), and then place some PAINT drawn
instrument onto it.  Unfortunately with windows limitation of the palette
control, it causes my photograph to totally bomb.  So is there a way I can do
one of the following:

        1) Create my own palette from the photograph, and draw my other
             objects with that palette
        2) Equalize the palettes with some other utility
        3) Some other solution I haven't begun to conceive of yet.

I'd Appreciate any help!  Thanks in advance!

-Bill Myers