Repost: Listview editing a different text than displayed

Hi all,

I have posted this question last week in the winapi newsgroup but got no
reply that's why I retry here.

I'm using a listview in report mode. The listview's items contain no
subitems and the caption contains a Name plus ID. For example
Smith (#123)
Johnson (#678)

When the user uses the listview inplace editor to modify the name, I would
like to listview inplace editor only to contain the name, not the ID.
Is there a way of modifying the Item's caption just before it's loaded into
the editor?
I do not want to put the ID in subitems.

I have tried changing the item's caption using the listview's OnEditing
event, but that does not work (it's too late). Setting back is of not the
problem as that can be done in the ListView.OnEdited event (although special
code had to be inserted to handle cancelling the listview's editor because
that won't fire the OnEdited event. But suggestions here are welcome too;-)

Does anyone know how to do this?
I currently know no other way than creating a owner draw listview and
assigning the name to the caption and drawing the name + ID.

Thanks in advance,

Gerrit Beuze