Printing problems with Printer.canvas

I am using the printer canvas to prepare graphic images to be printed. The
images are in colour and are
a combination of shapes and text. In several areas I am printing white text
on to a coloured box. In
some cases when printed to a monochrome printer the text will appear as
white and in others it will
appear as black. This can happen on the same page with the same coloured
box behind the text. On
screen everything looks ok, this only happens when the document is printed
out. The extent of the
problem seems to vary from printer to printer but I have downloaded the
latest printer drivers for each
problem printer but this does not seem to have fixed it.

Has anyone got any ideas of what I can do for this? Can I get details of
any other problems, solutions
and tips with respect to printing out after designing on the printer canvas
as I have had other problems
including should shapes not being printed at all or scaling problems and
some Avs during printout. All
comments and help appreciated.


Gareth Howe