BDE Problems on NT Server with 95/98 Clients

I can't seem to get my app. to run without hourly Index corruptions when
using an NT server (with data on the server) and 95/98 clients.  Here
are the details:
  ~30 Paradox tables, D3 app, NetBEUI protocol
The system works fine if the data is moved off the NT machine onto a
95/98 client or on a 95/98 peer-to-peer network.  I have been through
the Borland TI on index corruption but with no luck.  (Nice touch when
they say there is no way short of malicious intent to get these
errors).  Has anyone else been able to solve this problem.  I have it on
EVERY customer with this configuration (20+) and on NO customers with
all NT or all 95/98.

Thanks in Advance,
Scott St.Cyr