I realise that this may have been discussed here before, but if anyone
has gotten MyMud21 to run successfully enough to use it, I'd apreciate
some help.  Also, if there are any updates to the code by other
people, I'd like to be aware of these.

Specifically, I'm running it standalone to check it out, and I
stupidly typed @SHUTDOWN to see what it would do.  Now I'm shut out of
it.  Is there a remedy besides unzipping it all again?

A teacher at my school has been looking for an opportunity to use a
mud as an educational tool, and if we could get some extra help beyond
the documentation, we may be able to get it off the ground.

If there is a better option for a mud that will run on a LAN with
little changes to the code, I'd like to know about them also.  The
main reason I picked MyMud21 is because I know Pascal, but I have no
aversion to learning another language to be able to run and maintain a
successful eduactional mud.

Thanks for your time.

Jack Angert