BDE multi-user access via Win 95 networking

I'm thinking about setting up a database (Paradox format) to be stored on (and
used from) a Win95 machine with access from other Win95 machines in
peer-to-peer file sharing mode.

I remember seeing two comments on this:  (1) it works well enough with a small
number of machines.  (2) There are some real pain-in-the-rear problems since
the BDE wants everyone to access the files via the same drive letter, and
machine 1's C: drive will be shared by machine 2 as F: or whatever.

Was a solution ever found?  If so, is it documented anywhere?  If not, I want
to change strategies before suggesting this in a proposal!  The alternative
is to attack the project in MS Access instead, but I really, really don't want
to have to do that!

Thanks for any info...

*****  Kyle Cordes @ Automation Service  *****  *****