referential integrity during runtime ?


Does anybody know where I can get information on the BDE
in the WWW ? For example: I want to set referential
integrity (paradox) between two databases via Delphi code.
Is there any site which is comparable to Borlands
book "BDE for Windows Users Guide" as far as the
amount of information is concerned ?

Ive written an application with
delphi 1.0 which uses a customers-table (paradox 5.0) and
a table containing their sales regions (?is it the right word in
English?). As a lot of customers have the same region, I
put these regions into that separate region-database and only save
the counter-field of the appropriate region in each customers dataset.
I connected the counter-field of "regions" with the field "region" of my
customers-table via referential integrity to guarantee that no region
can be erased that any customer has got. With the BDE-config. its no

Now my problem: Im desperately looking for a possiblity to create more
customers-tables during runtime. All of them equally built except of
their names and all their regions-fields connected via ref. integr.
with my regions-table.

How can achieve this ???

Thanx a lot in advance.