Problems with header and footer

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>I am in the process of coding a program using Turbo Pascal Ver 5.0 to
>maintain records of library books for my coursework.

>I have the following problems :

>1    To code a few statements for freezing the header and footer on screen
>so that the records retrieved from an external file can be browsed in
>between them by using the up and down arrow keys or the page up & page down
>keys on the keyboard.

>2    To code a few statements to print the same header and footer on every
>page of printout. Every page should have space for 52  records.

>3    To code a few statements to show the page number on printout.

You have a fourth problem : you're posting in the wrong place, and
should be in c.l.p.borland.

XP & FU set.

For Q1, look up "Window" in the online help.  It's in the Crt unit, so
be aware of runtime error 200 - see web pages & FAQs - if you ever move
to TP7/BP7.  

For Q2, use
  procedure Newline ;
    if Count<52 then begin Inc(count) ; Writeln end
    else begin count := 0 ; WriteFoot ; Write(^L) ; WriteHead end ;
  end ;
with suitable WriteFoot, WriteHead.  PageNumber should now be obvious.
Add a File variable.

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