Delphi 2.0 Developer with Extras For Sale

 I am selling all of my Delphi related books and software. Here is what I
have for sale:

Delphi 2.0 Developer edition (CD and complete packaging)
Delphi 1.0
14 Books
Reference Library
24 back issues of Delphi Informant
Delphi Informant Works 1995
Info Power software Version 2.0 from Woll 2 Woll Software
Delphi Level 2 Database Video Training

I will turn over all licenses in writing and contact Borland and Woll 2
Woll for the new owner of the software.  Everything above for only $300.00.
Free shipping in USA.  Will ship worldwide.

Reason for selling is I am not using the program.

Contact me by the following:

Phone: 717-939-7182
Fax: 717-939-1018