How to read & write dialog text boxes (C++ builder)

Sorry if this is a C++ builder question but Delphi is sufficiently similar
that I thought someone here could supply an answer.

I am trying to do a very simple write of a floating point number to a dialog
box text edit field, either on FormCreate or FormShow. Then when I recieve
an OK  button click I try to read the text fields back into the floating
point variables. Then I close the dialog box.

The code looks vaguely like (from memory):

       myForm->myField->Text:ToFloat() = gFPVariable;

This compiles fine, and it runs with no bombs, but no text appears in the
dialog box fields!

My understanding of c++ is a bit vague at this time so don't be to offended
if the code above looks ridiculous.

The docs and manual seem to bypass any examples/explanation on something as
trivial as this. My assumption was that the Text property is an example of
the AnsiString class and all I had to do was attach the method mentioned in
the on-line help.

Thanks in advance Richard.
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