Install Delphi on NT 4.0

Dania Molina wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Oct 1997 08:46:26 -0500, Deane Hafling <DMHAFL...@JUNO.COM>
> wrote:

> >Steve Schafer (TeamB) wrote:

> >> It's better to run Delphi locally, if at all possible, as it wasn't
> >> really designed to run from a network. It's also best to install
> >> Delphi from the Administrator account.

> >> I use Delphi 3.0 from NT 4.0 SP3 without any problems.

> >Previously I had wrote ...

> >We couldn't get the workstation to work off the network, so we tried
> >installing Delphi C/S on the local. When trying to run delphi, it locks
> >up trying to load the component palette. If I log of the network, Delphi
> >completely loads, but no component palette...

> Are you logging with the same user name you were logged in as when you
> installed Delphi?

> >And you gave me the answer above. So I uninstalled Delphi 3 and Delphi
> >2, reinstalled Delphi2 then 3 and it still locked up. On a 95 machine
> >Delphi 2 and 3 worked fine, but not on the NT machine. Any thoughts.

> Are doing a default install?
> when does it lock up, while installing, at starup, etc.?
> Do get any error or warnigs during installation or when this lock-up
> occurs?

> I recomend taht you first, make sure that all Delphi Directories and
> files are gone after you the uninstall.  Then run the install once
> more.  If problems persist, please repost.

Dania, I have noticed that when you tell people to do a un-install and
re-install of Delphi you not tell them to check their Registry using
RegEdit.exe and to remove all "Borland" section entries from the
Registry (after saving the Registry BEFORE deleting the "Borland" (and/or
"Delphi") Registry entries) via a RegEdit Export).

I am wondering why you do not do this.  

It seems to me that since the Delphi un-install is 'imperfect' and leaves
'remnants' both in the Win Registry and on a developers hard drive in the
form of Delphi Install created directories that it might be worth while to
'template' the necessary steps involved in a standard msg.

It seems to me that this is a common problem that many people seem to have -
that they **must**, periopdically, for one reason or another, do a un-install
and then re-install Delphi.  

Wouldn't it be simpler for you (and for the developers who constantly ask
these same questions that result in a un-install and re-install of Delphi) to
create a standard msg in this regard detailing **all** the the steps required
to perform a proper un-install - to do a 'clean sweep' of the entire
Win Registry and the entire Borland and/or Delphi directories created by the
Delphi install?

It is my impression, after having the experience and frustration of doing
many un-installs and installs of Delphi to try to get a proper install, that
this suggestion might make your life and the developers asking questions a
whole lot simpler and make for less come back questions when the process
doesn't work.  

A FAQ type response msg on your part might make this a lot simpler process
for you since it should result in fewer back and forth questions and answers
and, rather,  leave you with the exceptions when the FAQ doesn't work for
some developer.

It is merely a suggestion that I hope will help you and help others here.

Regards, -= Lou Rizzuto =-