How to link .LIB files to D1

Does anyone know of a way, (or a work-around) to use functions in a .LIB file in Delphi 1?  
In the past, I have linked .OBJ files (having functions declared with the 'pascal' keyword
[using c lang]), and had success, but I think I'm toast with this problem.

I ordered this API toolkit (.LIB file big$$$) so that I can access services on my

I have two versions of the .LIB file:
  - compiled with MS C v 6.0 for DOS
  - compiled with MS C v 6.0 for WIN

Do I need to go out and buy MS C for Windows just so I can create a DLL?

Thanx in advance

John Colburn
City of Winni...I mean...
Town of Winnipeg,
former home of the Winnipeg Jets.