RESEND: mFAQ Apology

Hi folks,

My apologies that the mFAQ hasn't been getting here.  The Cron job was
working successfully and getting posting to a news server so I wasn't
getting any failure reports sent back.  It appears that the mFAQ was
being cancelled on receipt by a program called "Cleanfeed", which the
news server owners say had been set up to be over sensitive to posts
with a lot of URLs.

I have, BTW, changed the address in the mFAQ to report problems to rather than the one used to post here -
f...@pedt.dcu has been under attack for the past few months from a
spammer forging it with the resultant spew of mail bounces hitting
it. Please use the new address if you need to contact me, the old
one may mean a large delay in finding your email amongst the dross.
I will still post the mFAQ as from f...@pedt.dcu

Will post manually on a Wednesday.

My thanks to John Stockton for his email pointing out the mFAQ was
not getting here.

[RESEND: no idea why Sunday's post through news.dcu never got here]