Q: How to insert Blob field by using TQuery

Environment : Win NT 3.51, Oracle Workgroup Server 7.2, Delphi 2

Please help me!

I'm trying to insert big array of data in the oracle database.
Field in database is LONG RAW and I'm using the TQuery
component. Problem is, that I cant figure out how to set that
'LONG RAW' parameter's value, before executing the SQL
INSERT command.

here is an example, where ':meas_value' is a LONG RAW column.

           'UDATE,MEAS_VALUES) ' +
           'VALUES (' +
           ':reel_id,:grade_id,:status,' +
           'TO_DATE(:udate,''DD.MM.YYYY HH24:mi:ss''),:meas_values )';
   With qryReelmeas do begin
      Params[0].AsString:= Reel_ID;
      Params[1].AsString:= Grade_ID;
      Params[2].AsInteger:= Status;
      Params[3].AsString:= FormatDateTime('dd.mm.yyyy hh:nn:ss',Now);

NOW, HOW TO SET 'Values' array to the Params[4] ?



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