* NOMAD : Placing Forms on top of Forms *


Thanx for posting a solution for creating forms on top of forms - I
experienced the same problems with MDI as u did (as many others also!).

Anyhow, I am new to Delphi, and I do not have access to the VCL code.

Can u please post a listing of a very small program that demonstrates how
to actually USE (sorry :) ) yer code!

ie.  can u write a small program that creates 2 forms, the first of which
is maximized, and the second form on top of the first - that's all!

I am also assuming that the behaviour of the forms is as follows:

        - forms B and C can be placed on form A, and when a user clicks
          on B or C or A, the titlebar for A is ALWAYS active - as if, as
          u said, forms B and C are like components on A.

        - forms B and C can be "freed" and "created" anytime to save

        - only form A is auto-created

        - there is NO titlebar, and NO window for forms B and C

Thanx VERY much !
(code REALLY appreciated)      


                                UNIVERSITY of TORONTO
                       computing disciplines facility