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TDatabase Params for Interbase


I want to programatically setup a TDatabase to connect to an interbase
database via the BDE. I normally use a predefined alias and pass the
following two parameters below and all is well.  My current application
is one in which I am using a shared install of the BDE and the app reads
information from a settings file to determine which db to connect to.
With Paradox this was as easy as specifying the path and setting the
netdir and privdir during app startup. However with Interbase I would
appreciate a few hints.

Params.Add('User Name=sysdba');

I would like to setup a TDatabase to connect to an ibserver. What is the
complete set of parameters needed to connect to a database. The database
may be local or server based.

- Lou


Re:TDatabase Params for Interbase

I found my anser in MERS.

- Lou

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